Need salon-like quick and professional hair styling? A quality hairdryer is essential for effective blow-drying outcomes quickly and with minimum effort.

Modern hair dryers such as Gama hair dryer have innumerable features that enable you to style your hair as it dries. Thus, you can get a new look every now and then without visiting a professional salon or hair stylist.

This blog will talk about how to choose a quality hair dryer for your hair. We’ll also discuss how a professional Gama hair dryer works to give you a perfect look you desire.

3 Factors To Consider While Purchasing A Hair Dryer


Wattage is a crucial factor. Higher-wattage hair dryer produces more heat and can dry your hair quickly.

For most hair types, including curly and thick hair, a dryer between 1,300 and 2000 wattages should be sufficient for efficient drying.

If you’ve damaged hair, always include pre-towel drying and the lowest heat settings. Gama hair dryer offers 2000 Watts of pure power for quick drying. It also comes with temperature settings and sensors for minimal damage.

Hair drying technology

Apart from power, you will need to consider several other technologies on the market that can help reduce damage and improve overall style. Advanced technologies also make your hair drawing regime effortless.

  • Quick drying: Some hair dryers offer high-pressure, and high-velocity air flows to dry your hair quickly. Gama hair dryers are designed with a 120 rpm motor to give your fast results.

  • Temperature sensor: Certain high-quality hair dryers come with temperature sensors and measurements to make quick adjustments to keep the heat under control and protect the hair from heat damage.

  • Touch cool: Touch control Technology prevents the surface and attachments of the hair dryer from getting excessively heated, thus protecting your hands and skin from heat damage. Technology that ensures the surface of the hair dryer attachments stays cool, so hands and heads are kept safe.

  • Ionic: One of the best technologies in the market, ionic hair dryers break down water molecules for quick drying but also retain moisture within your hair strands for healthier outcomes. The Gama hair dryer disperses negative ions to neutralize frizz, condition your hair and boost hair regeneration.

Features and accessories

Modern hair dryers are integrated with various features, settings, attachments, and accessories.

  • Diffusers: Boosts natural textures, reduces frizz and enhances curl definition.
  • Nozzle: Precise airflow control for better styling. The Gama hair dryer comes with two nozzles.
  • Cool shot: Offers a blast of cold air to set style easily.
  • Auto clean reminder: A cleaning reminder feature that ensures proper functioning and extends longevity.
  • Auto shut-off: Automatically turns the hair dryer off when put down or after reaching a certain temperature.
  • Preset heat settings: Get accurate styling and remove the guesswork with preset heat settings.

How Does a Gama Hair Dryer Help to perfectly style your hair?

Gama presents a game-changing hair dryer that can reduce your hair drying time by almost 30% when used correctly.

Gama hair dryer is one the lightest (weighing only 0.65 pounds) and most powerful ( 2000 watts) hair dryers worldwide. The hair dryer set contains one diffuser and two smoothing nozzles. The product is marketed at $400.

Easy handling

The extremely light weight makes it easy to hold the dryer. You don’t need to worry about tired arms while perfecting a hairstyle, regardless of how long you hold it.

Temperature and speed settings

The Gama hair dryer offers standard three temperature and speed settings. The plus point is that you can lock the setting in place, so you don’t accidentally change your desired settings while styling.

Efficient nozzle functions

The smallest nozzle is 68-mm wide. It’s an amazing tool for creating smaller curls. The wider nozzle (96 mm) is suited for attaining a sleek or casual look. With the diffuser, you achieve more defined curls. The great precision you master with the nozzle will give you pretty impressive results.

Powerful motor for quick and quiet drying

Integrated with an innovative powerful motor and turbo function, you can expect to reduce hair drying time by 30% when compared to many dryers on the market.

Oxy-active technology

The Gama hair dryer features state-of-the-art Oxy Active Technology. This advanced technology provides antibacterial benefits and protects hair cuticles. This tech is great for color-treated hair.

Ionic drying This dryer also generates negative ions to minimize frizz and support hair regeneration.

Wrap Up

Get your hair styled just like a professional with the best hair dryer available in the market. Aesthetically styled hair dryer with state-of-the-art features that help you get the perfect look you desire.