And the award goes to...

There's no better place to seek beauty inspiration than at an award show. It's where all the greatest in beauty and fashion unleash their visionary creations; giving birth to new trends and putting an end to old ones.

If you didn't catch the show last night, here's an update on all the hottest hairstyles and how you can replicate them for your next big event.

How to look effortlessly chic

Green Goddess

Zendaya puts a glamorous twist on the comic book villain Poison Ivy.

Needless to say. She killed it.

Her brown waves were complemented with a touch of faint red, bringing her look to another level.

These delicate waves are usually my go-to look for events, they're so easy to replicate and never fail to make you look effortlessly chic.

How to achieve the perfect blow out?

  1. Wash your hair with a product that enhances shine like the Lakme Master shampoo and conditioner, this will give you better results
  2. Pass a hair oil through your hair starting mid way, all the way to your roots
  3. Separate your hair into sections to ensure every piece is styled properly
  4. Use a round medium size brush to blow dry the first section of your hair by twisting outwards, a video has been linked below.
  5. Move on the the next section and repeat step 4 until all your hair is dry
  6. Use a curling iron with a 25 mm barrel on low heat to flip any pieces of hair that didn't curl properly
  7. With a small toothed comb, spit your hairline more significantly to the right or left
  8. Place a drop of oil into your hands, rub your hands together and run the oil lightly through your hair to minimize frizz, eliminate flyaways and enhance overall shine

Hot Hair Tip: Your hair is completely dry when it is no longer cold to the touch

I've attached a video below that explained the blow drying technique perfectly

How to style your hair for an event when you're having a bad hair day?

Sophie Turner radiated pure elegance.

The look is simple...

  1. Spray all your hair with a heat protectant spray prior to applying any heat
  2. Use a hair dryer to blow your hair straight, this time you don't want to twist the brush, you want to blow dry straight down
  3. Once your hair is dry, separate it into different sections
  4. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair section by section
  5. Once your hair has been straightened with the flat iron, place a drop of oil like the Luminous Smoothing Oil by Wella and pass is lightly through your hair to eliminate any frizz
  6. With the help of some trusty bobby pins, pin the sides of your hair back first
  7. Pin the hair located in the center of your hair back creating a little more volume in the middle
  8. Spray the bobby pins with hairspray to lock them in place.

Hot Hair Tip: Don't spray your hair with too much hairspray otherwise your hair will look too stiff, diminishing its "effortless" look.

How to achieve the slicked back look?

Sleek & Sexy

Looks like the G.O.T ladies owned the red carpet.

Here's another favorite from last night; it's a fierce hairstyle that takes about 5 minutes but looks like it took 50.

This look works with beach waves as well.

How is this look achieved?

As far as straightening goes, follow the same steps mentioned above for the previous look.

Once your ready to slick your hair back:

  1. Comb back your hair with a small tooth comb
  2. Place a dollop of gel with a strong hold like the the K.Style Lift Gel by Lakme into your hands
  3. Push back your hair with the gel using your hands
  4. Spray some hairspray onto the comb to push back any flyaways

And done.

How to achieve a glamorous look?

Absolute Bombshell

Jaw dropped.

Mandy Moore looked angelic, her hair crowning her like a voluminous, well coiffed halo.

How to get the same amount of body?

Use a volumizing treatment in your hair that will help thicken your hair and give it more shape.

A product we swear by is the Teknia Body Maker Treatment by Lakme

The product was created with a natural keratin enriching formula that provides a permanent conditioning treatment. This increases your hairs strength, enhances volume and resistance to breakage.

We promise your hair will be looking fuller and more voluminous in no time.

The perfect hairstyle for an event when you have short hair.

Pretty Pixie

The entirety of Joey Kings looks is perfect; from the color of her gown to her natural glowy makeup to of course her elegant hairstyle.

When your hair is very short like Joey's, your options for styling are pretty limited.

Something as simple as shifting your hairline can enhance elegance and make your hair look different than how you'd normally style it everyday.

To achieve this softly moussed look use a mousse that will maintain your hair's' natural texture while enhancing your curls and maintaining them like the K.Style Natural Boost Flexible Mousse by Lakme.

Now you have some lovely options for your next date night, girls night, netflix night, whatever it is, hair won't be much of a concern.