These will be the coolest trends of the fall season.

Has September been keeping you just as busy? We’ve been keeping track of the hottest hair trends for fall. There are several hairstyles making their debut at the many festivals and events taking place around the world, more specifically during New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

In need a new look for fall? Not to worry. We'll keep you ahead of the game, assuring that you will be walking into the fall season with no bad hair days.

How can you strengthen your hair?

1. Blunt Bob

Say goodbye to luscious long hair and hello to a cutting edge jawline chop. We’ve just cut down your morning routine by 30 minutes and enhanced your sophistication. You’re welcome.  

Just as our lives can sometimes be in need of some rejuvenation, so does our hair. Healthy hair minimizes the chances of a bad hair day, enhancing your confidence.

 The longer your split ends linger the worse they become. Giving your hair a good chop stops them in their tracks and promotes healthy hair growth.

How to achieve this look?

You’ll need a great blow dryer and hair oil that seals the deal.

New product alert! Soon to be available, the Gama IQ blow-dryer, labeled as a game changer, brings revolutionary technology to hair drying and styling.  

We suggest that prior to blow drying your hair, apply 1-2 drops (depending on the thickness of your hair) hair oil like the KeraStraight hair oil to damp hair ensuring a sleek and shiny finish.

Once hair is blow-dried pass a flat iron through your hair in order to truly achieve a sleek look

We recommend investing in a flat iron that promotes minimal damage to the hair. Be on the lookout for irons with gemstone plates like the glampalm flat iron. Gemstone plates are much more effective and a lot less damaging.

Lastly, apply 1-2 drops hair oil through your hair in order to tame any flyways and create a silky smooth look.

How to style your when you have no time?

2. The Cosmic Ponytail

Hey busy bee! You have an event but no time to spare to wash your hair? Nothing that some dry shampoo and a stylish pony can’t fix. This trend gives a cosmic twist to the traditional high ponytail.

How to achieve a sleek ponytail?

  1. Use a small-tooth comb to gather your hair
  2. Put your hair into a ponytail and tie it with a sturdy elastic while leaving a thick strand from the back of your scalp out
  3. Wrap the elastic of the pony with the strand of hair left out and secure with a bobby pin
  4.  Curl the ends of the ponytail outwards
  5. Use a super strong gel to pull back any flyways, make sure to use a gel that doesn’t promote any residue and that creates a natural-looking shine like the K. Style Lift gel by Lakme.

How can you soften your hairstyle?

3. Face Framing Frills

A 90’s inspired trend that made an appearance on several runways at NYFW.  This look makes you look oh-so effortlessly chic and easily softens your updo.  This look can either be worn with your hair pulled back in a ponytail, bun, braid, or with just a portion of your hair pulled back.

The best way to accessorize your hair.

3. Accessories, accessories, accessories
Model walking down the runway with a silk head scarf and silk slip dress.

We’ve been seeing various hair accessories making their way down the NYFW runways from head scarves to silky handkerchiefs wrapped around pony’s and buns, floral embellishments,  clips and pins.

If your hairstyle needs a special touch, hair accessories have made a comeback this year and are predicted to stay.  Bet you’re regretting throwing out those cute hair clips you wore in grade school now.

I don’t recommend putting 55 clips and bobby pins in your hair but strategically using one or two can be the perfect way to mask a bad hair day or push back flyaways. Hair accessories are an elegant touch that can really pull your entire look together.

How to create more volume in your hair?

4. Wavin' back into the 70's

Model walking down the runway during new york fashion week at Tommy Hilfiger show wearing a 70's inspired jumpsuit

Wispy waves have been flooding the NYFW runways. This hair trend pays a nostalgic tribute to the 70’s when hair was tousled and flipped.  The look now associates itself with glamour instead of groove but still manages to stay true to its roots.

The hairstyle is created by deeply parting your hair so the majority falls to one side, giving your hairstyle some more dimension and volume.

How to get the look?

  1. Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray
  2. Blow dry your hair until it is completely dry prior to using the curling iron. 
  3. Once hair is dry, split hair in sections with a clip and curl by  section
  4. Use curling iron on high heat to create a tight curl
  5.  Pass a brush like the Tortoise brush by Y.S Park through your curls once
  6. Run a hair oil through your hair, focusing on the tips through the curls to add shine and reduce any frizz

6. Mixed Textures

Profile view of Zendaya in a white shirt sporting a wet hair look
Model in a plum silky dress sporting a mixed texture hairstyle

Bed hair but make it fashion.

A hairstyle that’s been scouring our feeds, Is it straight? Is it curly? No one knows. 

One way this look can be achieved is by leaving the top portion of your hair wavy or curly using either a crimper or curling wand and then using a straightener or blow dryer to straightening the tips of your hair. The Zigzag styling iron by Glam Palm would be perfect to use for this look.

You could also straighten your hair from your roots and curl your hair progressively so it transitionally gets curlier as you get closer to the tips of your hair.

7. Super Straight
Model with sleek straight hair  walking down Tommy Hilfiger runway during new york fashion week wearing a 70's inspired tight jumper

Pin straight hair will definitely be trending during the fall season; it was seen all over the NYFW runways of Brandon Maxwell, Rebecca Minkoff and Tommy Hilfiger to name a few.

A word of caution when replicating this look: make sure you are using a thermal protectant spray like the Kerastraight heat protection spray by Lakme prior to using a flat iron, safety first friends! Burning your hair should never be an option.

How to get the look?

  1. Spray all your hair with heat protectant spray
  2. Split your hair in sections using a clip or scrunchie so you don’t create indentations in your hair
  3. Use a small-tooth comb to split your hair line down the middle like the carbon tail comb by Y.S Park
  4. Straighten your hair by section
  5. Run a hair oil through your hair to eliminate frizz and enhance shine