As my test subject I chose the Ionic Styling Hotbrush by the brand Hair Forensic. As you could see by my previous post, I already am a big fan of this brand! Therefore, I decided that if I was going to buy any hot brush, it had to be from them! This was by far the best decision because Hair Forensic never disappoints!

First off, I have to admit, there was a learning curve with the brush. Being used to brushes as a detangling tool, I first just brushed through my hair. Quickly, as I grew accustomed to the brush, I tried new techniques; first I tried to get very flat hair, then tried to get a slight wave, and finally I was also able to beautifully curl the ends of my hair.

As you can see, simply brushing through the hair works wonders to detangle, yet does not straighten. To straighten the hair you must maintain the brush on the hair for a few seconds as you brush. Once you apply this technique, the hair straightens and still maintains beautiful volume. I found this to be the most practical way to straighten my hair. As a woman with thick hair, I often have the following issue when straightening my hair: I will section, and section some more, yet regardless of the thickness of my sections, my hair will constantly tangle. When I use a flat iron, those tangles aren't dealt with and would simply become fused together. When using the hot brush, however, those tangles were resolved and by detangling the hair as it was straightening.

Once I understood the straightening ability of the brush, I wanted to push the tool further by seeing if some waves could be achieved. I wanted a beautiful, voluminous blowout effect along with curls. This was quite the challenge for a single brush. First I tried to simply brush and twist as I went; yet I found this technique did not achieve the tightness of curl I desired.

As I fumbled with the brush I noticed the back of the tool, small ribs ran along the curved back, perfect for maintaining hair. Tried once more, this time brushing all the way through, then twisting the brush around my hair and maintaining a firm tightness of the hair around the brush. Keeping the hair taught, as it turns out, was the perfect way to achieve the tight curls and blowout look.

Now, for my final thoughts on this product:

As I first predicted, I loved it! Hair Forensic truly never fails me. This product, however, does have a learning curve. Once you fumble with the tools for a few tries, the results are phenomenal! I hope my experience will provide some direction and allow you to shorten your learning curve, should you decide to try this hot brush!

Until next time,

Your hair guinea pig

P.S: If you made it this far, please follow me for more hair experiences. Ill do the testing so you don’t have to!