With the holiday season fast approaching, you're probably going to be invited to a lot of events!

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The holidays are the perfect time to try out a new style and add some glitz and glamour to your look. Whether it's work related functions, outings with friends or dinners with the family, we'll help you find the perfect holiday hairstyle.

Bobby pin look

For a simple, yet still fun and sparkly holiday look. try incorporating bobby pins into your hair! Getting festive colors or glitter shades will really make a statement during your event. There are so many ways you can place the bobby pins as well. You can go for a classic pins behind the ear look, which would be perfect for a more formal or corporate event.

Or if you're going to a fun dinner with friends or family you can get a bit crazier and align the pins in different shapes or patterns. This is a great way to update your basic straight or curled hair.

A little tip is to spray the hair you're going to pin with a bit of hairspray. This will ensure that the bobby pin can have a better grip on the hair.

Hair Bow

If you're feeling adventurous, try the hair bow hairstyle! Rather than clipping your hair back with a bow clip, you can use your own hair to make a bow.  The first step to this style is tying the front hair pieces to the back of the head like a half up half down Ariana Grande hairdo. However instead of doing a regular ponytail, as you bring the hair through the elastic, stop the hair midway to create almost a little loop bun.

Once you have this mini bun, you'll need to split it into two sections. Then taking the tail end of the ponytail you didn't use, wrap it around the center of the bun. You should now have a hair bow at the back of your head!

To ensure this look stays all night, you're going to want to spray the bow with hairspray. Try the LAKME K.Style Pliable Natural Hold Spray. This spray will hold the style to make sure that the hair is under control, however it won't leave your hair crunchy and it still looks natural.

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Fishtail braid

For  romantic and more relaxed look, try a fishtail braid. This style looks intricate, and adds the perfect flare for any holiday party. Although it looks difficult, there are many tutorial videos on YouTube. Essentially you need to split the hair into 2 sections (Left & Right). Once this is done, take a piece from the outer side of L and bring it over L and under R. You then repeat this on the other side. Take an outer section of R, bring it over R and under L. Keep alternating the sections until you can't braid anymore.

For added texture, you can pull out some sections of the braid and  use  a  texture spray such as the TIGI Catwalk Texturizing Salt Spray.  It creates the perfect tousled texture for cute messy braid.

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Cute & polished bun

For a work function, a donut bun is the perfect style. It looks cute and keeps all of your hair out of your face. To achieve this style, you'll need to get a donut maker to either wrap or roll you hair around. On Beauty Route we offer donut buns makers specifically for dark brunettes, medium brunettes and even blondes.

Once your hair is wrapped around the bun, all you have left to do is grab a couple bobby pins to secure the hair in place. For a very polished and sleek look, use some hairspray of gel to ensure there are no fly aways.

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Holiday curls

However if you want to go for a more classic look, you can't go wrong with curled hair. This versatile look can work with well for professional events, a chill night with the family or even a wild night out with friends. If you want to learn how to make sure your curls hold all night, make sure to check our other blogpost for all the tips and tricks.

One thing that is important though, is to use hairspray.To help the curls stay in  their shape, use hairspray both before and after curling.  Spritzing the hairspray before will give the strands  a rougher texture which helps to hold the curl.

Try the CHI Miss Universe Work Your Style Flexible Hair Spray. It is perfect for curling as it provides the hair with texture, control and movement while also protecting  against moisture to create a silky shine.

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Get ready to slay all of your holiday events with picture worthy hair! We hope you try out these styles, and if you do, don`t forget to tag us on social media.