Grey hair has always been a tricky subject. Some hate it and dye their hair all their lives to avoid it, while some absolutely love it and dye their natural hair grey!!!

Read more to learn all you have to know about grey hair !

Grey hair. White hair ? Nothing to be ashamed of ! Even better ! Celebs like Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman, or even Demi Moore are proudly showing off theirs!

Why would you be ashamed of your grey hair? It is a sign of wisdom and it is genuinely beautiful !

Also, let's not forget that Grey hair is now a well-established trend! It is present all over instagram and is here to stay !

How to take care of White/Grey Hair?

As white and grey hair are deprived of melanin , the pigment that colors the hair (this is why the hair turns grey) and protects it from the sun, they need extra care.

The rule #1 is to reduce your hair-cleansing frequency and to change for a hydrating shampoo. The last thing you want is to strip down your hair from their natural oil.

The rule #2 is to use as much conditioner as possible ! Congrats, deep conditioner has become your new way of life! My advice would be to do a deep moisturizing mask with argan oil or coconut oil or even both at least once a week.

You should buy high hydration products only and religiously  use it after each wash or even after each shower (basically everyday!).

As grey hair has a high tendency to dry out fast and super easily ! The sun should be from now-on considered a threat ! Beware of the salty sea water as well, if you are exposed to any of these two, you should apply a hair protection before and take great care of your hair afterwards.

Brush your hair daily, preferably nightly to spread the oil from the roots to the ends to help protect the hair. Remember that grey hair is weakened by the lack of melanin, a natural protection to your hair to prevent breakage and frizzy hair.

A big plus is that it will make your hair shinier and smoother.

How to take care of White/ Grey hair:

Makeup Routine :

You should add color to your face, so blush will become your new best friend. The last thing you want is to have the same complexion color as you hair.

Eyes are the mirror of the soul so pllllease put emphasis on your eyes ! Don't be afraid to use colourful eyeshadows (that will fit your complexion and your eye color of course).

For lipstick, make sure to wear a colorful one, forget all your matte, grey-beige looking colors, you will only look tired and sad. prefer light pink to red-cherry shades. Only thing, make sure that your lipstick will not clash with your eye makeup.

Finally, don't be afraid to use some bronzer, it will make your skin  look more healthy.

How to style White/Grey Hair?

The pixie is often the prefered choice and is most of the time THE best choice! As grey hair tend to be more frizzy and fragile, this hairstyle permits to control the frizz and to have healthy looking hair!

Another option in the process of  moving towards a full grey is the "transitional grey". Basically it consists of dying your grey hair in a semi-permanent color that will fade away while letting your natural hair grow.

This technique is meant to avoid the "skunk" funny looking kind of hairstyle!

The big question is why grey hair is so popular ? Well, the reason is that people accepting how they are and loving themselves is sexy and beautiful!

So my only piece of advice would be to embrace your true self and to love yourself !! 


Bea ;)