If you’re thinking “new year, new me,” a great place to start implementing those changes is with your hair. Because whatever the season or the occasion, it’s the crown you never take off. Here are some ideas that will take you there.

Treat Hair to Weekly Treatments

Like eating good, wholesome, food for better health and feeling more energetic, applying a hair mask regularly should become part of your yearly resolution plan for healthier, more beautiful hair. Just like you would set aside some ‘me’ time to meditate or exercise, make sure you include in your weekly schedule a quick 20-minute time-slot to beautify your hair with a state-of-the-art mask or nourishing treatment.

Professional treatments with formulas that deeply hydrate are designed to bring back moisture and strength into the hair, while also providing a soothing experience. Just let the hair mask or treatment work their magic while you relax in your bath for 10 to 15 minutes.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

We live in an inclusive era, and that also means making peace with your natural hair texture — whichever that is — rather than fighting against it to become something it simply isn’t. Picking up a blow dryer, straightener and hot rollers has become so embedded in our hairstyling routine that we’ve forgotten how to embrace the natural texture of the hair we were born with.

There are many products out there that will enhance your natural assets, without transforming them into something they’re not. Hair oils, dry shampoos and shine products are designed to help you achieve the full potential of your original hair texture without changing it. So time to see the positives in the type of hair you’ve been blessed with, whether that’s a cool afro, beautiful curls, or super straight locks, too. Confidence and acceptance of your hair are more important than any product or hairstyling routine!

Take Care of your Scalp

Maintaining a clean, healthy scalp is the base for beautiful hair. Which means you should probably start thinking of it like your skin, and incorporating the same type of routine: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. The goal of all these steps is to make sure your scalp is at its healthiest, since a problematic scalp will start exhibiting signs of dandruff, oily scalp, hair loss, and breakage.

According to hair care specialists, the best thing you can do is to give yourself a deep-tissue scalp massage before the shampoo. There are also great scalp oils and scalp tonics specifically formulated to address scalp issues. Some key ingredients to look for: charcoal, peppermint and tea tree oil. As for shampoos, the gentler the formula the better.

Now go crush those 2023 goals!