50 Shades of Emma Stone

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You may know her and love her from movies such as "Easy A", "La la Land" and "The Amazing Spiderman." Not only is Stone an incredible actress, but she  is also  a hair chameleon, going from blonde, to brunette and most famously a redhead! Although she is naturally a blonde (shocking, I know), she often changes up her hair color and style for roles. Today we'll be going through some of her best looks and how to achieve them.

Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is surprisingly a natural blonde, although most people know her for her fiery red/auburn hues. She has said in interviews that she feels most like herself with red hair, and since she has similar features and pigmentations as reals redheads, the color  beautifully matches her skin tone.

Vibrant fire red!

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We love this super fun and flirty look! The fiery and bold color gives Emma so much sass and edge. Her loose curls are also such an easy and effortless way to style shorter hair. To achieve this look, use a 1 inch clip curling iron such as the Babylisspro ceramic iron for that tousled effect. Curl medium sized sections in alternate directions to get more of the messy but chic appearance.


Dark & moody Brunette 

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Emma went completely dark with this brunette style and shocked us all.  She really can pull off any hair color! To get this soft curled blow out look, try using round brushes to blow dry the ends into this soft look. The HairTreats 4 Piece Round Brush Set will help you achieve that perfect blowout. These ceramic coated brushes evenly distribute the heat and reduce drying time to deliver shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair.

HairTreats 4 Piece Round Brush Set

Strawberry Blonde 

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We absolutely adore this strawberry blonde look. It's natural, yet is still a color that is unique and turns heads. We also love how she showcased this color with a sleek, deep side parted style. Instead of using a flat iron to get this straight look, use a blowdryer as it will give you the added volume that Emma has at the roots.  Try out this gorgeous lavender Verdict Professional hairdryer. Not only is it beautiful, but it's extremely powerful and uses ionic technology.


Ice Blonde

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Wow. Although Emma is a natural blonde, seeing her with anything but red hair is quite shocking. With this blonde updo she looks like a whole new person! However, she still looks as gorgeous as ever. If you want to recreate this elegant look, make sure you use a hairspray that will hold back all the fly away and baby hairs. Try the CHI Keratin Flexible Hold Hairspray as it not only holds hair but nourishes it as well.  This hair spray is actually infused with Keratin to strengthen your hair and reduce the amount of breakage while also holding baby hairs and eliminating frizz.

CHI Keratin Flexible Hold Hairspray

Auburn, chestnut, ginger highlights?

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I can't pinpoint the exact color of her hair, but the dimension and highlights are absolutely stunning. The depth of different shades of brown and red suit her skin so well and make for an interesting look. Her hair is anything but dull and boring with these high and low lights. For this sleek low ponytail, use a hair gel to hold the look together. The Lakme x-treme gel is extra strong and will hold this look all  night with it's long lasting formula that  adds shine and is flake resistant which is always amazing.

LAKME K.Style X-Treme Ultra Strong Gel 150 ml

Classic soft ginger

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This is probably my favorite color and style that Emma Stone has worn. This color is so soft and romantic, which is emphasized with her old Hollywood curls. To get these loose spiral bouncy curls, use the Hot Tools Professional 1-1/4" Spring Iron For Large Loose Curls. This tool keeps the heat consistent by using a technology to restore heat whenever it's lost. To get the bouncy effect, make sure to let the curls cool in your hand or pin them to your head until they are completely ready. Letting them set for 10 minutes pinned to your head will help the curl keep it;s bounce and shape.

Hot Tools Professional 1-1/4" Spring Iron For Large Loose Curls

Now on to color!!

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Now, if you are interested in becoming a redhead like Emma, we may have the solution for you! Depending on your current hair color, we suggest using either a temporary Lakme hair gloss which tints your hair but is not permanent. This will allow to to experiment with different shades of red without commiting to one and damaging your hair!

LAKME Gloss Color Rinse

And there you have it, some of our favorite shades of Emma Stone! Leave us a comment on our Instagram about which hair color is your favorite and what celebrity styles you would want to see next.