In the world of hairstyling, technology, and innovation continue to revolutionize the industry. 

The result?  

Conceptualization of incredible tools that enhance both the professional's experience and the client's results. Among these groundbreaking products, the Gama IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer has taken the beauty world by storm. 

With its advanced features, intelligent design, and exceptional performance, it has quickly become the ultimate must-have in salons. 

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind the obsession with the Gama IQ2 Perfetto and why it has become the go-to hair dryer for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

How the Upgraded Gama IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer Delivers Unparalleled Performance?

At the heart of the IQ2 Perfetto is its intelligent brushless motor with the new Turbo Function, making it one of the most advanced professional hair dryers in the world. 

Weighing a mere 0.65 lbs or 294 g, it is the lightest in its class, ensuring effortless handling during extended styling sessions. 

Innovative Features Unique to Gama IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer 

The IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer is packed with unique features that set it apart from the competition:

  • Powerful motor with Venturi Effect: Don't let the lightweight deceive you – the GAMA IQ2 Hair Dryer features the most powerful brushless 120,000 RPM motor coupled with the Venturi Effect design. The result is an unrivaled airflow that dries hair faster (30% faster as compared to generic hair dryers) and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Smart Pad: The only one of its kind, the Smart Pad automatically activates stand-by mode when you place the dryer on it. 
  • Double Removable Micro Perforated Filter: Designed to protect the hair and extend the motor's lifespan, this specialized filter traps even the tiniest environmental particles. Keeping your hairdryer clean and free from debris guarantees optimal performance and longevity.
  • Star Nozzle: The Gama IQ Dryer comes equipped with a star-shaped nozzle that optimizes airflow and improves temperature distribution. Perfect for those with fine hair and a sensitive scalp, this feature ensures even drying while minimizing potential damage.
  • Deep Diffuser: The deep diffuser attachment gently disperses warm air over larger areas, preventing frizz and safeguarding the hair cuticle. Its design is also ideal for managing voluminous hair, giving you a salon-quality finish at home.
  • Auto clean reminder: This feature in IQ2 notifies you when the hair dryer require an autoclean. This enables you to extend the lifetime of your IQ2 professional hair dryer.

Technologies Common to Both IQ2 and IQ hair dryer 

Special Gama Perfetto Features:

The Gama IQ and Gama IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer incorporate several cutting-edge technologies that elevate its functionality and enhance the user experience:

  • Auto Clean: The Auto Clean technology takes care of your dryer's maintenance by rotating the turbine in reverse, effectively deep cleaning the filter. This feature saves you time and ensures your dryer performs optimally for a longer period.
  • Oxy Active Technology: With the emission of active oxygen, this innovative technology provides shiny and elastic hair. The ionic activation contributes to better color fixation and locks, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy.
  • Auto-Diagnosis System: Equipped with a new auto-diagnosis system, the IQ2 hairdryer can detect any operational issues, allowing for swift troubleshooting and professional support. This feature ensures that your dryer maintains peak performance at all times.
  • Professional Nozzles: The IQ2 Perfetto's professional nozzles feature magnetic coupling and a mechanical lock. With double-layer heat protection, they are not only easy to handle but also prioritize safety without compromising performance.

Exquisite Design:

The GAMA IQ2 Hair Dryer is not just a powerhouse of technology; it also boasts an elegant and minimalist design that is sure to turn heads. 

With its sleek ergonomic shape and thoughtfully placed controls, this hair dryer is a true embodiment of sophistication and style. 

Its compact size further adds to its allure, making it convenient to carry and store, whether you're a professional stylist on the go or a beauty enthusiast who appreciates top-tier tools.

Exceptional Styling Experience

The Gama IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer is equipped with features that give you complete control over your hairstyling experience. 

  • COOL SHOT:  The COOL SHOT function is a game-changer when it comes to setting your hairstyle. With a simple press of a button, the IQ2 Perfetto releases a blast of cool air that helps to seal the hair cuticle, lock in your style, and add a boost of shine. 
  • Three Speed Settings: The Gama IQ Dryer offers versatile speed settings to cater to various hair textures and drying preferences. The adjustable speed options allow you to control the airflow intensity, whether you prefer a gentle breeze or a more powerful gust of air. Achieve the desired results with ease.
  • Three Temperature Options: Temperature plays a crucial role in hairstyling, and the IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer offers three temperature settings to accommodate different hair types and styling needs. Whether you have fine, delicate hair that requires low heat or thick, resistant hair that benefits from higher temperatures, the IQ2 Perfetto has the versatility to adapt to your specific needs.

Gama IQ and IQ2 Similarities

High-quality build and extended longevity
Ultra-light weight (294 gms) making them easier to carry and travel
Pressure- 650 mm H20
Autodiagnostic feature enabling efficient troubleshooting and streamlined device maintenance 
Temperature sensor for safe styling experience 
Oxy-active protective ionic technology    

Gama IQ and IQ2 Differences

Gama IQ Gama IQ2 
Powerful brushless 110,000 RPM motor Powerful brushless 120,000 RPM motor with the Venturi Effect
Manual power systemStand-by tech with smart pad
Diffuser attachment Deep diffuser for salon quality finish even for thick and curly hair.
Autoclean technology without reminder systemAutoclean technology with reminder system
Innovative Micro filter promoting your hair’s cleanliness and extending the engine’s lifecycle.Advanced double removable microperforated filter to trap even the smallest environmental particles.

Frequently Asked Questions             

Should the diffuser coupling go all the way?

Yes, the diffuser coupling should be securely attached to the hair dryer. Ensure that it is properly aligned and pushed all the way in until you feel a click or a firm connection. This ensures optimal airflow and performance during diffuser use.

Is the IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer suitable for professional salon use?

Yes, the Gama IQ Dryer is highly regarded in the professional hairstyling community. With its advanced features, lightweight design, and powerful motor, it meets the demands of salon environments. Professional stylists can rely on the IQ2 Perfetto to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency, and precision during their styling sessions.

Can the IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer be used for travel?

Yes, the IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer's compact and lightweight design makes it a great option for travel. Its universal voltage range allows for worldwide use without the need for a voltage converter. 

However, it's always a good idea to check the voltage requirements of your travel destination and use the appropriate plug adapter if necessary.

Is there any difference between IQ Perfetto and IQ2 Professional Hair Dryer?

With Gama Professional's flagship hair dryers-- IQ Perfetto and IQ2, you can experience the next-level evolution of hairstyling. 

The IQ2 hair dryer surpasses the already incredible IQ Perfetto, boasting a mind-blowing 120,000 RPM speed. It introduces revolutionary Stand By Tech, a game-changer for efficiency. 

With the new Ventury nozzle, deep diffuser, Auto-Clean reminder, and durable professional mesh filter, the IQ2 takes your hairstyling to extraordinary heights.


The obsession with the IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is entirely justified. This remarkable hair dryer brings together the best of technology, performance, and design, revolutionizing the hairstyling experience. 

Whether you're a professional seeking an exceptional tool for your salon or an individual who values a salon-quality blowout at home, the Gama IQ2 Perfetto Hair Dryer is the ultimate choice. Embrace the future of hairstyling and unlock a world of possibilities with the IQ2 Perfetto – your hair will thank you.