Comparing the two most popular hair dryers on the market

Since the release and success of the GAMA IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer, hairstylists and users have become curious as to how it compares with Dyson’s Supersonic dryer, a global bestseller.

We’ve decided to weigh in on the debate and compare the IQ Perfetto with Dyson’s Professional Edition, based on the specs and details of the dryers. 

The Basic Settings

Both the IQ Perfetto and Dyson Supersonic are ionic professional hair dryers that offer 3 speed settings, 3 temperature settings and cool shots. These details make for excellent styling and drying for stylists and customers.

As an extra, the IQ dryer has a Memory Function Technology that allows you to save the 12 possible configurations available for ease of use.

This means that you can now save the drying preferences of clients, or save the temperature settings that go best with different hair types.

If a client with incredibly thin hair walks into your salon, you can already have the best low-temperature setting for her hair type pre-saved and ready to be used for her style!

To compare, the Dyson has an automatically-adjusting temperature technology, that detects the safest temperature based on the hair of the client it is drying.

This feature is great for personal use, but for some stylists it takes away the control they have over the dryer. Adjusting the temperature to protect the clients' hair is an efficient feature, however, it can restrict the results of the hairstyle being done.

For example, blowouts require more heat to ensure a stronger hold; if the temperature adjusts itself to a lower degree, it will affect the results.

Next: GAMA IQ Perfetto is the lightest dryer on the market.

At only 294 grams, the ultra-light IQ weighs less than half of Dyson’s, which on its own weighs 790 grams.

The reduction in weight is of great relief to stylists that tire of holding heavy dryers during their styling appointments. The IQ will not be questioned for the cause any of aches, strains or injuries from constant hairstyling.

A source of the lighter weight comes from the innovative design - in the IQ dryer, the motor is inside the nozzle, whereas in the Supersonic the motor is in the handle. This makes the dryer a little uneven and feel heavier in the hand.

The IQ Perfetto was designed at a perfect balance, with its weight evenly distributed throughout the whole system.

This means that when stylists blow dry their clients' hair and need to go from higher angles on top, they will not feel as though the dryer became heavier. The IQ's motor will always feel undetectable.

The Power

The IQ Perfetto has a power of 1700 watts; the Supersonic is also powerful, yet has a bit less power with 1600 watts.

Having a higher power means much less drying time; the 1700 watts offered by the IQ will cause for a quicker dry and less work!

The amount of power for such a small unit like the IQ is proof of the innovative approach that was taken in the process of making this dryer.

The Accessories

Both dryers come with 3 attachments that have similar purposes: they both have 2 concentrator nozzles and a diffuser head.

The IQ comes with a diffuser, a 68 mm concentrator and a 96 mm concentrator.

An important difference to note is that one of the concentrator attachments that are included with the IQ dryer is thinner and wider than the Dyson’s.

Much to the happiness of YouTube Hair Stylist Guy Tang, the thinner concentrator allows for a faster and more concentrated drying process. Check out his video for his review!

Attaching the Accessories

While both dryers have similar accessories included with them, the way to attach them to the nozzle are very different.

The IQ requires pushing the accessory piece into the nozzle, while the Supersonic has a magnetic hold that grabs onto the piece. Both hold very well.

How does the IQ’s cord compare to Dyson’s?

The IQ Perfetto’s electrical cord measures 3 metres, while Dyson Professional’s measures 3.3 m.

The IQ’s cord is made at the 3 m length to allow for a more flexible use and to be able to move around freely with it. You can say goodbye to extension cords with both of these dryers.

Which dryer makes the most noise?

The two dryers are similar in terms of the sound they make – yet the IQ dryer is more of a high-pitch whistle, while the Dyson makes more of a hum.

One of the advantages of the IQ design is that the filter is at the rear end of the nozzle - this means that the noise being created is the furthest it could be from the client's head.

To compare, the Dyson's filter is in the lower part of the handle. This can become bothersome for the client because of the humming noise going directly in their ears.

As Guy Tang puts it, “[the IQ] has a very sharp sound […] it doesn’t bother me it’s just like a higher pitch sound."

The sound difference is not immensely noticeable, just an additional detail that can be noted.

The Maintenance

The IQ Perfetto requires little maintenance because of its Auto-Clean Function, while Dyson requires regular manual maintenance of cleaning the filter.

How to use the Auto-Clean Function on the IQ Dryer:

  1. Remove the back filter
  2. Turn the dryer on and off - make sure the switch button is pushed all the way to the top and then all the way to the bottom
  3. Press the high speed button and hold it for 5 seconds, until the dryer starts going in reverse mode
  4. Once it is in reverse mode, it will continue for 15 seconds and turn off - once reverse mode starts it cannot be turned off
  5. You can then wipe the filter with a cloth and put it back on the dryer
  6. Done!

For a demonstration on how to perfectly clean the filter with the Auto-Clean Function, watch the link to GAMA's video here.

One of the benefits of using the Auto-Clean Function is that you don’t have to spend time wiping down each part, or waiting for parts to dry when you wish you could be using them. 

It’s important to use the auto-clean function regularly – GAMA suggests on a weekly basis for customers. If the dryer is used daily by a stylist then daily use of the auto-clean function is also going to be needed.

In order to clean the Dyson, you start by turning it off and removing the filter. To clean the filters, you must wash them with cold water only and let them sit to dry for around 24 hours or until fully dry. Once this process is done, you can put them back on the dryer.

Similar to GAMA, Dyson recommends doing this cleaning process every day for the Professional Edition of the dryer used in salons.

How do the prices compare?

From a price perspective, the IQ dryer costs $369.95 USD and the Dyson is $450 USD.

With a difference of around $80, it's an important detail to be noted when making the purchase decision between these two dryers.

Remember, a great blow dryer is not always the most expensive option.

In terms of Stylist Preferences

Some hairstylists hold their dryers by the nozzle when drying their customers’ hair or creating styles; the Supersonic might restrict stylists in terms of being able to do so, since the nozzle is only 97 mm.

The shorter and wider nozzle makes it harder for stylists to manage the dryer when using this technique.

In comparison, the IQ is 193.5 mm in length and thin at the nozzle, allowing for a more comfortable hold and a better grip on top.

If the stylist decides to hold it at the nozzle, they now have the opportunity and ability to because of the thin top.

Having this thin nozzle also allows stylists to blow dry their clients’ hair from underneath the strands if they want, instead of always being required to dry from the top. Since the Dyson is thicker, it might be a bit trickier to achieve this technique if desired.

The Benefits

The IQ uses Oxi-Active technology that acts as an anti-bacterial and sealant for hair cuticles, locking in color and shine when hair is dried.

As for the Supersonic, it uses Air Multiplier technology and intelligent heat control that is engineered to protect hair from heat damage while increasing shine and reducing static.

Our Takeaway

Both of these dryers have very innovative designs, with distinct sizes and special features. We recommend the IQ Perfetto as the best option for purchasing for both stylists and customers.

However, when evaluating the pros and cons for the right dryer for you, it's important to focus on your personal needs. In general, some key features to focus on are:

  • Accessories - will they be able to accomplish the styles you want?
  • Size and weight - will the dryer become straining or too heavy?
  • Price - do you have a budget or want to save money?
  • Level of control for the stylist (or client) - will you want full control over the dryer and it's settings?
  • Ease of maintenance - will it be easy to take care of?

Both of these dryers are amazing for salon and personal use. Maybe the Dyson does the trick for you, or maybe the new IQ perfetto will become your new salon must-have.

Let us know what you think about the new GAMA IQ or this debate in the comments, or on Instagram with #mybeautyroute and tag us @beautyroute!

'Til next time!