May your day be filled with Shamrocks and Shenanigans!

As the joke goes, "Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day". With an all time high celebratory mood, there really isn't a better occasion than St. Patrick's for going out for drinks, all decked out in green.

In case you also wanted to go above and beyond with your hairdo this year, check out our blog as it is filled with Irish-inspired traditional styles! Of course, we made sure to include a step-by-step tutorial, so you too can follow along.

Celtic Knot 

No other hairstyle quite reminds us of the Irish and their traditions as  this Celtic knot does.  It's a beautiful yet simple style that adds a touch of intricacy to the casual half up, half down look.

If you're planning to  go out on St Patrick's Day this year, make sure to give this hairdo a try! We do advise you to get a helping hand from a friend, relative or anyone else who's willing as it can be tricky to do it yourself.

On a more personal note, we wanted to give Mindy and Brooklyn from Cute Girls Hairstyles on Youtube a shout out for creating this lovely version of the Celtic Knot and sharing their pictures! Make sure to use their hashtag #CGHCelticKnots if you do recreate the look.

Now onto the tutorial...

1.) Curl your hair!

To add dimension, go ahead and curl the entirety of your hair. If you're looking for a quality curling wand, we suggest using Hair Forensic's Elite Ceramic Clip Curling Iron. We also recommend a good thermal protectant to keep that healthy glow intact!

2.) Section 2 hair pieces!

Go ahead and separate two pieces of hair, both of which should have the full length of your hair worn down.

3.) Wrap the layers!

Wrap any front layers you  may have with the sectioned off hair pieces and bring those two pieces around, such that they meet halfway at the back of your head.

4.) Smooth down hair sections!

Use water to wet down the two sections if necessary. It's important to keep them as smooth as possible.

Pro Tip: Pomade and wax are also good alternatives and can be extremely helpful in minimizing those fly-aways that invariably occur with these braided styles. Looking for a weightless, residue-free wax?  Lakme's K. Style Water-Touch Gel Wax is a great option!

5.) Create a hair loop!

Make a loop toward the top of your head with one of the strands, as shown in the picture below.

6.) Prep the second section!

Then, place the remaining strand around your ring and little fingers;  keep a firm grasp on the strand (figure 2) as you close your fingers, and proceed to lay the hair over your thumb (figure 3).


Tip: Place that strand you just wrapped around your thumb as close as you can get to that first hair piece.

7.) Loop #1

With your pinchers placed underneath the first hair piece, reach for the dangling piece on your thumb and pull it upwards, as shown in the pictures below.


8.) Loop #2

Place the hair piece over your hand (figure 7) and once again loop it through (figure 8). You should be left with what's shown in figure 9.


9.) Thread hair,  Loop a third time & Adjust the knot

With the same piece of hair you just looped through, thread it underneath the second hair section (figure 10). Proceed to pull the dangling strand back through the loop (figure 11) and, whilst holding both ends of your hair, adjust the knot by pulling them taught (figure 12).


You're finally all set!

If you wish, go over the end pieces of the "design" with a hair straightener so the hair stays in place. We highly recommend Strong Hand Grip Flat Iron as it  has titanium plates that can heat up to an impressive 445 F and a ceramic heater which spreads the heat evenly throughout.

Celtic Braided Side-Ponytail

This is a simple look with a hint of femininity that has the added benefit of being a lot easier to do than the celtic knot we showed you earlier. Further, you can do the braiding on your own after some practice.

Since it is a more casual updo, you can also get away with wearing it on a day-to-day basis as opposed to solely on special events. If you wish to go for a more extravagant look, you can also put in hair accessories that will accentuate the braid or possibly the twist. For more styles like this one, you can check Kayley Melissa's channel on Youtube or her Instagram handle @Letsmakeitup1.

Now here's what you've been waiting on...

Tutorial Time!   

1.) Start from your hairline and make a Celtic braid (1st picture). Once you're done, go ahead and pull two of the strands upwards (2nd picture) and finally secure it with a hair tie.

2.) Take the other side of your hair and twist it inwards until you reach roughly your ear. Once again, go back in with bobby pins to ensure that all hair stays in place.

Tip: Want to avoid those annoying flyaways? Use Hair Treats' Style ID  spray to put an end to your frustrations.

3.) Go back to the front of your hair and twist it away from your face. Secure it with a hair tie.

4.) Take your celtic braid and secure its end with a bobby pin "hidden" away inside the twist.

You now have the finished look!

Here's a view of this hairdo from the back:


That's all for today from us!

We hope that you  liked these Celtic hairstyles and found them to be good inspirations for St. Patrick's Day.