It's the most wonderful time of the year.

No, not Christmas, but fall season is finally approaching!

Now's the time to plan out which color to color your hair next, because let's face it - your platinum blonde and light balayage is great for summer, but not for fall. It's time to go DARK, ladies.

Explore what's hot and what's not this fall so you can color your hair right.


Let's be real,

the best part about transitioning from season to season is changing your hair to match the season's vibe. Summer? Go light! Fall and winter? Go dark! Well, we hate to break it to you, but summer is wrapping up, which means the sun has set on the light hair... literally.

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We're going to share 6 hair colors that are trending for Fall 2018 so you know exactly what to request at your salon appointment next week!


Red Hair: Be A Redhead This Fall!

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Red hair has 'fall' written all over it! The warm red-orange tones, resembling the changing colors in the leaves; a perfect color for when the weather begins to cool. So if you're a natural redhead, just focus on making your hair healthy and shiny as can be!

If you're a natural redhead: Enhance your natural red color with Lakme’s Gloss Color Rinse!

This magic-in-a-bottle intensifies your natural color with luminous highlights. With over 53 shades to choose from, it restores shine and protects the capillary fiber while treating the hair gently. Read here for more redhead-care tips.

If you're not a natural redhead: Before you dye your hair a red color, we suggest you consult with your colorist first - not everyone suits the same red color! Some suit more of an orange-y color, some suit more of a red, fiery color, while others go more the auburn route. But something all redheads DO have in common - natural redhead or not, rocking dark colored outfits, like black, will take your red hair to the next level.


Deep Chestnut Brown

Dark brown hair is a traditional color for fall and winter time - and why wouldn't it be? It's such a gorgeous color. Chestnut brown hair is a warm reddish-brown color that can either be light, medium, or dark. All shades of chestnut brown hair are beautiful, but there's something about the chocolatey, dark chestnut brown that makes it so unique. We definitely recommend you try it out this fall season - you'll be right on trend.

Not to mention, models, like Bella Hadid, rocked the dark chestnut brown color as they walked the runway for Moschino, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren - just saying.


Light Brown

Although fall is the time to go dark, we understand that not everyone suits or likes to go dark - so we have an alternative for you: light brown hair! Actually the correct term is "understated, light brown", and it compliments that fall wardrobe beautifully .

This color is exceptionally gorgeous if your tan lasts! 

For those of you that will be dyeing your hair brown, whether it be dark or light, we recommend you use Lakme's Ultra Brown Shampoo! This heavenly blend will refresh brown color-treated hair and compensate color loss.


Dirty Blonde

Your sun-bleached summer hair days are over, ladies. Dirty blonde is the perfect way to give your summer-light-blonde hair a more fall-appeal.

Although it's not necessarily DARK, it's a 'darker' blonde, thanks to its shadowed roots. Dirty blonde is a more relaxed hair color compared to a bold, platinum blonde; this compliments the moody apparel of the cold months approaching.


In order to achieve the perfect dirty blonde, you'll be putting your hair through some color treatments. Protect you hair with Lakme's Color Stay Shampoo and Conditioner!


Rose Gold

Yes, you read that correctly: ROSE GOLD. Just imagine some red mixed with strawberry blonde, but with a hint of gold - magical, right? Well it looks just as magical as you imagined.

Iskra Lawrence is absolutely killing it with the rose gold hair; she makes it look almost like a natural color. What's her secret? Subtle copper undertones. Take notes and report back to your colorist because this is a color trend you must try this fall.


Dark Blue-Black Hair (aka Dark Blue)

If the rose gold color doesn't excite you, then you're most likely attracted to darker, daring tones; lucky for you, dark blue is trending for this upcoming fall season! Can't picture it? Just think Kim Kardashian. And yes, it's mesmerizing for us too.

The dark blue undertones is a great way to add a twist to simple black hair and it suits the fall/winter vibe perfectly. Blue-black hair requires a good amount of maintenance, reasonably so; here are some tips you should follow if you go with a blue-black color this season:

  • Try to shampoo your hair only 2 times a week. If you feel you need to shampoo it more, try Lakme's Brush Up Dry Shampoo in between washes.

  • Keep heat styling to a minimum, for too much heat applied to color-treated hair can result in the color fading quicker.
  • Keep in mind that monthly touch-ups are normal.
  • When you wash your hair, use a color-safe shampoo, like Lakme's Color Stay Shampoo (as mentioned above).


Get colorin', ladies! Take your inspiration to the salon and let your colorist do the rest...

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What color are you going for new season? Let us know in the comments!