Times have changed and many of us have come to embrace our natural hair texture and, for fall 2022, ringlets, tousled finishes and curls are definitely in the spotlight when it comes to hair. Even if you weren’t blessed with beautiful, bouncy curls when you were born, there are tons of new amazing hair products that will bring that desired texture to your mane to give it that springy bounce. But, first, there are a few different approaches to curls.

Different Types of Curls

Curly hair can be soft and pretty — think face-framing curls, which are super flattering and can easily replace bangs—, or make a very bold statement, like the wolf cut, which is a hybrid between a shag and a mullet. And let’s not forget voluminous curly ringlets or a mini afro, which are super hot on social media at the moment, collecting likes and ultra-positive comments.

There are many ways to show off your curls, with haircuts that add volume if that’s what you’re looking to enhance, while others will create layers in order to minimize some of the weight and bulk, if you find your hair texture is a bit too overpowering. You can also experiment with different lengths. Short curls are easier to maintain, while longer curly hair shows off more of the hair’s texture and distinctive look.

Making Your Curls Pop

As beautiful as it is naturally, curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types, as it tends to be drier and more sensitive. Taming frizz is also essential to give those curls more dimension and definition.

The first step to ensure you are providing your natural curly hair with the moisture it needs every day is by using a shampoo specifically formulated to address its unique needs. A good choice: “Made With Kindness Curly Hair Shampoo” from professional hair care brand Alter Ego. This eco-conscious shampoo made with carefully selected natural ingredients gives elasticity, definition, softness and shine, while enhancing every type of curl: from the most demure to the biggest volume. Always follow with a deeply hydrating conditioner, mask, and dab a few drops of oil when you’re styling it. 

While some of you may want to skip the hairdryer altogether to style your curls, if you want to tame them a little bit, make sure you use a diffuser on your hairdryer which is designed to dry hair while enhancing its beautiful curly texture. Use your fingers to crunch it up. And there you go, your curls will look and feel beautiful every single day!