As an acne sufferer, I can say I've tried just about every product on the market. My skin journey began years ago so you can imagine the amount of different brands and ingredients I've slathered on my face. Skin Care is not a "one size fits all" cure - everyone's skin is different.

Although everyone is different, what I've learned throughout my journey is that the most important thing to look out for when choosing skin care products is the ingredients you're using.

After spending almost a year putting coconut oil all over my face because that's what every Youtuber told me to do to achieve clear skin - I later found out that coconut oil is highly comodegenic (meaning it clogs your pores - resulting in acne). After this devastating chain of events, I decided to research the ingredients I was putting onto my face and my body.

My skin care regime is an ongoing chain of trial and error events - but I finally am seeing improvements in my skin through proper research and knowledge about skincare.

Luckily, Dr. Temt is a quality brand that believes in providing products that are designed specifically to you. Skin care is something important to me and I'm willing to invest in quality products that work for me. This is why I'm a complete supporter in Dr. Temt.

Their Purity Enzyme Mask gives astonishing results in only a few uses. It's a gentle but effective exfoliate that gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves you with clearer skin and less wrinkles because of the enzymes at work.


You can get it with this link 


I'm completely obsessed with this peel and I knew I had to share this find to everyone I know, trust me - the results are worth it. Invest in your skin and you'll see the difference.

Have you tried an enzyme peel before? How'd it go and what were your results?

Let me know in the comments below!