You doesn't like a good hair day? Everyone with curly hair knows how hard it is to achieve THE perfect curls!

Lots of patience, many years of experience, and uncountable trial and error are required.

The non-curly's has always fancied your hair, but little did they know how much care and attention they require to be this bouncy!

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The Comb: your new bff!

NEVER EVER EVER use a brush to detangle your hair! Yeah I see you coming, this piece of advice is especially true when the hair is wet!! As you may or may not know, curly hair is THE most fragile type of hair,out of all the different types of hair. By using a brush to detangle your hair, your chance of breaking the hair are incredibly higher than when you detangle it with a comb.

You will not want to use any kind of comb, you will need a wide-tooth comb. Using this type of comb won't disrupt the curl pattern and won't break the hair.

There is a specific technique you should be using. You must comb your hair from bottom up, as it is easier to detangle each knot individually. If you start to detangle from top to bottom, you will rather make a cluster of knots towards your ends which will greatly increase your chance of breaking the hair and disrupt the curl pattern even more.

Switching for a wide-tooth comb will greatly reduce split ends! and talking about split ends....

Trim, Trim, Trim:

I could not emphasize this enough, but triiiim!! This is THE best way to get rid of split ends as well as dry ends, and to have healthy looking hair.

Split ends are the curly hair worst enemy as split ends will only make your hair look frizzy and dull!

To maintain gorgeous, healthy hair, you will want to book an appointment with your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks.

If you feel brave enough, you can also trim your own hair yourself, as if you mess up a tiny bit, it will remain unnoticed! The trick is to trim your hair while its dry to have the right idea of how your hair will bounce after the trim.  You will have to separate your hair in small strands and trim it section by section. The main point is to take your time, you are in no rush. If you go too fast, you might mess up big time and end up with a completely uneven haircut!

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Hello Conditioner, Goodbye Split Ends:

This being said, trimming your hair is not all, you will have to maintain the look as long as possible afterwards! To do so, moisturizing your hair daily is the key solve to your problems!

If you don't use conditioner and serum on a daily basis, your split ends will come back before you could even say "hair". As curly hair are extremely prone to breakage and to dry out fast, thus whether you should be conditioning daily is not even  a question you should be asking yourself! It is a MUST!

It is sadly not enough to condition your hair with the fist hair conditioner you find in the drug store... You will have to analyze your hair type and pick the right product(s) for your specific hair type.

It is also highly suggested to mix different products in your hair care routine. Indeed, you could mix a serum and a mousse, the serum to deeply moisturize and the mousse to style.

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Curly hair: The Diffuser is THE Key:

After all these care advices, the diffuser is the last step in your gorgeous, bouncy hair journey!

This being said, you must be careful not to dry out your hair more instead, using a diffuser  and instead of "helping" your hair, destroying all the good work you did previously!

In order to avoid this, you will want to limit your use of the diffuser to twice (absolutely MAX three times) a week! Finally, prior to use the diffuser make sure to use a heat protector (in a spray, oil or cream) to protect your hair from irreversible heat damages.

Hope this little guide helped you control your curls!


Bea ;)