The much anticipated season has finally aired; the 16th of the decade-long  Keeping Up With The Kardashians released its first episode just this past Sunday.

As usual, the new show is filled with drama and nuanced family quarrels and uncertainties. In this new chapter, it's clear that Khloé Kardashian will be at centre-stage for most of this season, along with Kim and (surprise!) Kanye West.

The family surely knows how to keep the juiciest details on lock-down; so far there's very little talk of the feud between model Jordyn Woods and the Kardashian-Jenner family. But who are we kidding? Sooner or later, all the tears and angst will come streaming down at just the right time. Wanna know what you've missed? Here's a capsule review of yesterday's premiere!

 Start-off With Khloé's Trailer


Of course, they couldn't resist throwing some hint as to the upcoming drama  that surfaced from the affair between Tristan and Jordyn Woods. In this video, we see Khloé giving an emotional account of what she has been through since the scandal:

"Nothing is private. Everyone feels like they have the right to talk about                  you, even though they absolutely have no idea what's going on".

After her deposition, the screen turns pitch black and, in the short pause that ensues, we are next taken to Kris' familiar Calabasas  mansion...

Skipping to different familial quarrels...

Kim and Kanye's marital break-point? 

We see an unhappy-looking Kim laying down on one of their numerous  white-themed outdoor lounge chairs. Apparently, the L.A.-born-and-raised socialite is not too keen on leaving her beloved home to follow Kanye to Chicago.

That's right. You read that correctly.

The Kardashian-West clan will be moving to Illinois. And it's not just a temporary move, either...Kanye has plans of settling the whole family there for an undetermined period of time!

Kim is not happy about this at all and has even gone on to refer to the move as a "breaking-point" in their marriage.

Yikes! We can only imagine the fight these two must have behind closed the doors, when there aren't any prying cameras around!

The move...

But why Chicago, you ask?

Well, as we come to find out, the move is partly prompted from an altercation between the couple and Rhymefest in 2018 (and naturally for business reasons too, after all Yeezys' headquarter is in Chicago).

The on-going back-and-forth prompted the couple to go on a recent family trip there.  From what Kim reveals, the trip had two main objectives. One was to show North around where her father spent his childhood years and see how she liked her soon-to-be home; the second (and this is where we serve you the tea, wink) is to resolve once and for all this never-ending argument.

Donda's House

For those of you who may not know much about what this ordeal is really about, here's some key background info...

Rhymefest and Kanye have been childhood friends and have worked together on countless projects. One such project is to keep alive Donda's house, a charity foundation for the Chicago Youth.  The house, originally Kanye's late mother's, was transformed as an educational space for the underprivileged as a way to give back to the community. So from the get-go, we can see just how personal this project is.

Unfortunately, with Kanye's many gigs and family settled in L.A., it was nearly impossible for him to be present. So instead, he decided to entrust the management to his then-best friend. Over the years, however, Rhymefest noticed Kanye's support slipping away until the rapper-turned-designer finally stopped donating. When he finally asked for more financial support from Kanye, this is what went down:

To which Kim jumped right in and replied:

On good terms

From their last trip, they were able to discuss things and reconcile. Kim was initially reluctant to make peace, but Kanye insisted.

Happy ending for all!

Khloe and Tristan are Back?

We can't be too sure on this one, but we did see a snippet of Khloe ending a phone call with: "I love you, bye", during a photoshoot. She did follow that up  with: "It's been a couple of months now. Tristan and I are doing great".


Whatever that means, it can't be good. That's for sure.

Kourtney's getaway

Kourtney had been dating Younes for a while and very recently the couple decided to part ways. For her, it hasn't been so easy, though.  I mean, break-ups are hard no matter what, so we can understand how she feels.

As a nice pick-me-up, sisters Kendall and Khloe invited Kourtney along with a few other friends to spend the weekend at Palm Springs. Lots of karaoke, dancing, swimming and tanning were done. Soon enough, we saw Kourtney smiling and enjoying her time . Honestly speaking, there's nothing quite like a girl's weekend won't solve :)

MJ vs The Momager

So as the closing chapter for our blog, we left the sweetest to last. This one is with regards to Scott Disick acting as the family therapist and letting MJ, Kris' mother, vent out her frustrations. Originally relocated to Calabasas to be closer to daughter Kris, she complains that Kris has barely had any time for her. And we can see why: Momager is too busy managing all of her daughters' empire and is 24/7 on her phone.

We could see how upset Kris looks though. It's hard to be away from your loved one and realise time is only slipping away...


Alright lovelies,

That's all the tea that we have for today!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and we'll keep you updated on any new drama!