Rosalía at Coachella this year...what can we say? she's a badass personified!

Hah! All jokes aside, we have to say that J. Balvin's performance collab with Rosalia and Sean Paul just blew the crowd away...

But enough with the endless going around in circles. Let's get to the bottom of weekends 1 & 2 highs and lows.

Weekend 1 HIGHS

1.) A Moment To Be Remembered: Lizzo's Twerk Off With Janelle Monáe!

2.)  Tame Impala And His Otherworldly Psychedelic Set

3.) Ariana Grande's The Fifth Member In *NSYNC?

4.) Rosalia And J. Balvin's Fiery Duo

5.) Weezer's Outstanding Performance With Chilli From TLC!


Weekend 1 LOWS

1.) Nicki Minaj Embarrassment Onstage

Blame it on the weather and the turbulent wind howls that plague Indio, California every so often. Or perhaps a lack of preparation had something to do with it: either way, the queen of rap left unexpectedly after her first song on stage with Ariana Grande.

Unfortunately for the artists performing on the first weekend, a lot of microphones and earpieces were not working properly. What should have been a magical collab between the princess of pop and queen of rap, was sadly left in shambles.

The interruption during their performance was so frequent that the stars found themselves looking rather embarrassed and helpless on stage. We have to give it up to them though: it's no easy feat performing in front of so many people whilst facing technical problems.

2.) Billie Eilish & Her Countless Slip Ups

Alright, so this one is contestable. Some people looooved her set despite the technical issues and several slip ups. However, you'd hope that the artist would have at least remembered the lyrics to her own song? I don't know what about you, but I feel like that should always be the minimum expectation.

Further, she also delayed coming onto the stage for nearly an hour -- granted it was due to technical issues which I cannot really blame her for. Still, fans were tiredly waiting for her appearance and it just wasn't as smooth of an experience as many had hoped.

I have to give it to her though: being 17 years old and performing at such a grand event for the first time can be nerve wrecking.

Weekend 2 HIGHS

1.) Dad And Son Epic Duo: Jaden & Will Smith Share The Stage

2.) Ariana Grande Brings Out Surprise Guest: Justin Bieber!

3.) Lizzo Nails It Again With Superb Flute Solo!

4.) DJ Zedd's Set With Maren Morris Was Def. A Fun Boost !

Weekend 2 LOWS

1.) Kanye's Sunday Easter Service

A lot of people did not enjoy the instrumentals that started off Kanye's service that went on for nearly an hour. Many had to sit down and await for Kanye to finally make an appearance--and even then he was only on stage for 20% of the time.

There were three points of contention that the general public had to make against his performance. Firstly, all present had to sign a non-disclosure agreement which somehow did not restrict from posting on social media (weird, heh? ). Even then, the live streaming was essentially a pinhole effect that made watching it a whole should we put it?


And if this peculiarity wasn't enough to get everyone raising their eyebrows, Kanye had yet another surprise in store for us. With merch out, stamped across "Jesus Walks", "Holy Spirit" and "Trust God", going for staggering prices along with extremely simple designs, he had everyone questioning the appropriateness of such high markup for a seemingly spiritual congregation. I mean $70 t-shirts and $50 socks aren't exactly resonant with Christian values of being accepting to all and humbleness.  This rather looked as if Kanye intended to increase his pockets by using religion, which rubbed off people the wrong way.

Lastly, some had to question Kanye's curious mish-mash of religion and pop culture to Coachella. Like, of all places, he had to bring Christianity to a music festival?? Non-believers struggled to understand his purpose, particularly as his actions do not typically reflect his belief.

Anyways, let us know in the comments what you thought about his spiritual service. We would love to start a debate on this and see how people felt about it!