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  1. Golden Globes 2020: The Best Hair Looks on the Carpet

    Golden Globes 2020: The Best Hair Looks on the Carpet

    Our Favorite Hairstyles Featured at the 77th Golden Globe Awards With the New Year comes the wave of annual award shows that allows fans to watch all of their favourite celebrities together on one screen and admire their impressive (yet sometimes questionable) looks. The Golden Globes kick off every January, and with this year’s awards came Ricky Gervais’ controversial humor...
  2. Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

    Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

    So you've been trying to grow your hair for sometime & it hasn't budged? Your dream for long hair isn't dead, hair extensions will give you the look you long for (no pun intended).   Choosing the right extensions might seem like a daunting task but that's what we're here for! Right below you'll find all you need to know.
  3. Hottest Hairstyles at the Emmy Awards 2019

    Hottest Hairstyles at the Emmy Awards 2019

    And the award goes to... There's no better place to seek beauty inspiration than at an award show. It's where all the greatest in beauty and fashion unleash their visionary creations; giving birth to new trends and putting an end to old ones. If you didn't catch the show last night, here's an update on all the hottest hairstyles and...
  4. Top 7 Best Quick & Easy Hairstyles

    Top 7 Best Quick & Easy Hairstyles

    Whether your life consists of running a business or studying for finals, I think we can all agree that it feels as if there isn’t enough time in a day. I don’t know about you, regardless of having zero time in the morning, I refuse to sacrifice leaving the house without looking half decent. When you leave the house looking...
  5. We put the Celtic in these Festive Looks

    We put the Celtic in these Festive Looks

    May your day be filled with Shamrocks and Shenanigans! As the joke goes, "Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day". With an all time high celebratory mood, there really isn't a better occasion than St. Patrick's for going out for drinks, all decked out in green. In case you also wanted to go above and beyond with your hairdo this year, check out our blog as it is filled with Irish-inspired traditional styles! Of course, we made sure to include a step-by-step tutorial, so you too can follow along. Continue reading →
  6. Practical Hairstyles to wear at the Gym

    Practical Hairstyles to wear at the Gym

    Warm weather is on its way and we already know what that means... it's time to hit the gym! That's right loves, if we want to have that all-too talked about "summer bod", now is as good a time as ever! And of course, with these new imposed expectations, there comes the typical struggle: how to keep your hair away from your face and neck without getting too elaborate with the hairstyle. Well, lucky for you we've already scoured the Internet and narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite looks that prove to be as functional as they're aesthetically-pleasing! Let's get it! Continue reading →
  7. YS-560: J. Lo's trusty styling tool for the Oscars

    YS-560: J. Lo's trusty styling tool for the Oscars

    The red carpet vision at this year's Oscars If you haven't already caught up with this year's Oscars, here's a dazzling moment you won't forget: That's right: J. Lo's mesmerizing appearance on the red carpet. If all the glitz and glam wasn't  enough to leave us all in a daze, then J. Lo's look surely did. From her mirrored mosaic-adorned dress to her lavish jewelry to her golden gem-like clutch, the 49-year-old certainly knows how to put on a show. Continue reading →
  8. Chinese New Year Hairstyles

    Chinese New Year Hairstyles

    ...OK so it may not be the Chinese New Year just yet, but we have taken this as an  opportunity to wish you well in advance!  (And just in case you were wondering, this year's Lunar Year will be on Feb 5th which, according to the Chinese zodiacs, falls on the Year of the Pig). In preparation for the celebrations, we have compiled a list of hairstyles to wear for the occasion  and thought we would share it with you. Continue reading →
  9. Ponytails For Every Day of the Week

    Ponytails For Every Day of the Week

    7 days & 7 Ponytails Image result for ponytail gifs Beauty Route has got you covered for your next week of hairstyles! Today we'll be sharing a different ponytail hairstyle for everyday of the week. From sleek  and simple looks to big dramatic and artsy ponytails, we have you covered for every occasion. Continue reading →
  10. New Year's Eve Hair Styles

    New Year's Eve Hair Styles

    Styles that will last right past the last stroke of midnight of 2018 Image result for cinderella clock strikes midnight gif In a couple of says, 2018 will officially be over. Some of you might be ecstatic that this perhaps terrible year is finally over, while others might be sad to say goodbye to what might have been an incredible year for them. Regardless, of whether you loved or hated 2018, we're about to share some hairstyle inspiration so that you can ring in the new year looking your best! Continue reading →

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