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  1. Top 5 Hair Products

    Top 5 Hair Products

    Best Products for ALL Hair Types Choosing the right hair products can be quite overwhelming, especially with so many options on the market. Should you invest in celebrity endorsed products, all natural formulas, or stick to your current routine? Let's take a step back and rewind on what were our top 5 favorite hair products. Hopefully this can inspire you and help you choose the best products for your needs. That being said, the amazing thing behind these products is that no matter your hair type it will have a positive impact on your hair. Lets Begin ! Image result for let's start gif Continue reading →
  2. You Won't Believe the Results of this Peel...

    You Won't Believe the Results of this Peel...

    As an acne sufferer, I can say I've tried just about every product on the market. My skin journey began years ago so you can imagine the amount of different brands and ingredients I've slathered on my face. Skin Care is not a "one size fits all" cure - everyone's skin is different. Continue reading →

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