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  1. Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

    Hair Extensions: All You Need to Know

    So you've been trying to grow your hair for sometime & it hasn't budged? Your dream for long hair isn't dead, hair extensions will give you the look you long for (no pun intended).   Choosing the right extensions might seem like a daunting task but that's what we're here for! Right below you'll find all you need to know.
  2. How To Recreate Rachel Green's Best Hairstyles

    How To Recreate Rachel Green's Best Hairstyles

    "The one where you have hair like Rachel Green" Your how-to guide on replicating Rachel Green's best looks. Trends come and go but Aniston's looks have managed to stay relevant since they've made their debut on the hit 90's sitcom Friends. In spirit of the shows 25th anniversary we will be giving you the rundown of all our favorite Rachel...
  3. How To: Braided Bun

    How To: Braided Bun

    Quick & Easy Braided Bun Now I'm no hair or beauty guru, however I do like trying out cute hairstyles. From fishtail, dutch and french braided styles, I think playing with different hairstyles and textures so fun. These small details can really pull together any outfit. So today I'm so excited to be sharing a fun and simple braided bun look. For this style, I borrowed my lovely friend Jane to be my hair model. For this mini tutorial, I'll be showing you the steps I used along with the hair products to achieve the look. Image result for braided bun gif Continue reading →
  4. Get the Look: Negin Mirsalehi

    Get the Look: Negin Mirsalehi

    Introducing the one and only Negin Mirsalehi! Image result for negin mirsalehi gif You might be familiar with this Instagram influencer known for both her fashion sense and amazing hair. She has perfected the  loose voluminous waves that has everyone trying to recreate the look.  So if you've ever wanted to look like an Instagram hair model, this post is definitely for you! Continue reading →
  5. How to Manage a Cowlick

    How to Manage a Cowlick

    Unruly Hair be Gone! Do you struggle with hair that just won't stay in place? Or hair that stays to one side and won't flip over no matter how much hairspray you use? Related image If your answer is yes, then you might have what's called a "cowlick" or sometimes referred to as a "swirl." Cowlicks are essentially stubborn hair, usually at the front of your hairline or the back of your head that grow in the opposite direction of the rest of your hair. No matter how hard you try to flip over, it eventually falls back to it's original placement. If you want to find out how to camouflage these stubborn strand just keep on reading.  Continue reading →
  6. Lose the Frizz: How to Tame Frizzy Hair

    Lose the Frizz: How to Tame Frizzy Hair

    Do you ever notice that your hair gets frizzier during the Winter months? Image result for frizz gif Frizzy hair stems from a lack of moisture in the hair strands. This is why the hair naturally becomes frizzier during the winter months as the air is more dry and less humid. This causes hair to become brittle and often "puff up." However if the puffy hair look isn't for you, we'll be explaining different things you can do to tame the frizz this colder season! Continue reading →
  7. How to Grow Long Hair Fast

    How to Grow Long Hair Fast

    Now here is the million dollar question: How can we get our hair to grow long, thick, and fast? Some people are blessed genetically with long healthy locks, and for others, it may require a bit more work. Although we can't guarantee your hair will magically grow over night, the tips we share today will help with your hair health and promote hair growth. Image result for long hair gif Continue reading →
  8. Get the Victoria's Secret Angel Hair

    Get the Victoria's Secret Angel Hair

    It's that time of year again, the highly anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion show Raise your hand if you're excited! Many girl's watch this show religiously and even have viewing parties with their friends. I know I'm guilty of that. Image result for viewing party gif Other than having killer bodies, the angels are know for having absolutely gorgeous tousled hair! Although we can't all look like Victoria's Secret models, we can definitely get their voluminous and bouncy waves.  If you want to achieve their signature effortlessly curled locks, then you're in luck! Today we will be explaining how to get your hair to look like a Victoria's secret model! Image result for vs fashion show gif Continue reading →
  9. Recreating Popular Disney Princess Hairstyles

    Recreating Popular Disney Princess Hairstyles

    Today is National Princess day! The perfect excuse to dress up fancy and pretend you are royalty for the day. Although many people are getting sick of all these "national days," the Princess day actually has an interesting history. It's a fairly new day of celebration, but it was created by "The Swan Princess" franchise. The animated film was originally  released in the U.S on November 18, 1994. This day was created to recognize the princess within each girl, regardless of their age. Image result for swan princess gif So whether you are 12 or 42, we hope you're ready to let your inner princess shine! We'll be looking at some of the most iconic Disney Princess hairstyles today and showing you how to recreate them at homeContinue reading →
  10. Recreating Hairstyles from Popular Movies and TV Shows for Halloween

    Recreating Hairstyles from Popular Movies and TV Shows for Halloween

    Still looking for some last minute Halloween costume inspiration? You've come to the right place! Today we'll be looking at how to recreate hairstyles from some of your favorite movie and TV characters. Image result for halloween costumes gif Halloween can be a pretty stressful time of year; everyone wants to have the perfect costume. I mean, what's worse then going to a Halloween party and everybody asking what you are? That's why finding inspiration from movies or shows that almost everyone is familiar with is the safest bet! Not only are the actual costumes easy to DIY at home, but the hairstyles can be simple to recreate as well. Image result for i'm a mouse duh gif Continue reading →

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