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  1. The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type

    The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type

    Shampoos shouldn't strip, they should shield. Even though it might be super convenient to grab any aesthetically pleasing bottle of shampoo off the store shelf; you shouldn't. Much more thought should be placed into choosing which hair care products are best for you. The condition of your hair can be greatly affected by the shampoo you use. It can make...
  2. DIY Hair Masks: Become a Kitchen Beautician

    DIY Hair Masks: Become a Kitchen Beautician

    Self-care doesn't have to be expensive. Ever find yourself in a store isle; product in one hand, Google reviews in the other; attempting to understand its long list of ingredients and desperately trying to justify its ridiculous price point? I definitely do. There are so many products out there and so much information accompanied by many different opinions telling you...
  3. Top 5 Tips for Summer Hair Repair + Bonus Tricks

    Top 5 Tips for Summer Hair Repair + Bonus Tricks

    No one wants summer hair sadness; here’s how to rehab your hair from summer damage. There’s no better time than summertime: golden skin, sea-salt hair and not a care in the world. As the chill of September rolls in, so does the reality that maybe spending so much time in the sun without a care, might have not been...
  4. DIY: The hair mask for THE hair type !

    DIY: The hair mask for THE hair type !

    Naturally Beautifully or Beautifully natural ? Always wanted to prepare your own hair care products (AKA hair mask) or planning a fun activity with friends ? just keep reading ... ;) Do It Yourself flashing neon light gif Continue reading →
  5. Don't Neglect Your Self Care Routine During Exams

    Don't Neglect Your Self Care Routine During Exams

    Year after year and it feels like the horror of finals lurking around April just never go away. Yep, you've guessed it: it's exam season... again (sigh) ! Honestly there are not that much suggestions that one can be given for studying other than preparing in advance... but! And here's a big "but": you can take control over what affects your emotional state during preparation time, so you can be at your best self when taking exams! Continue reading →
  6. Bid Farewell to those Dry Ends!

    Bid Farewell to those Dry Ends!

    When you think it's over... So we may be done with winter, but winter isn't quite done with us yet. Unfortunately, overcoming the rest of this chilly season is going to be tough and we'll still have to deal with its aftermath: the infamous dry and split ends.  In today's blog, we hope to offer you some products that will bring back much needed life to dry, matte-looking hair. Continue reading →
  7. Reverse hair loss now!

    Reverse hair loss now!

    It can be frustrating and downright scary to experience hair loss. But fear not! We understand your concerns and want you to know that we're here to help you through this difficult hair stage. For today's blog, we'll focus on Lakme K. Therapy line   Continue reading →
  8. Winter Relief: Hair Care Holy Grails

    Winter Relief: Hair Care Holy Grails

    The  weather isn't the only thing that gets dull this season... The onset of winter is often met with understandable misery, as days become shorter and winds become stronger. Canadian winters are known to be long and harsh, to the point of being inhumane. This year we got to see snow mid-January which is a lot later than usual and the worst part is that it  has only just begun. In the next coming months, we can expect the harsh conditions to become even more extreme;  with this in mind, we should be extra careful when handling our hair this season. In preparations for facing what is ahead of us, we came up with a list of  tried-and-tested products that we now consider to be holy grails for treating dull, undernourished and brittle hair. Keep reading to find out what made it into our winter essentials: hair edition list! Continue reading →
  9. Our Top 5 Tips For The Perfect Long Hair Care Routine

    Our Top 5 Tips For The Perfect Long Hair Care Routine

    Long hair envy? Not for long! A lot of us at some point in our lives have dreamt of having luscious, long locks, picturing ourselves in a nice summer day strolling around the city as  a light breeze  blows through our hair. However, as most of us already know, growing out our hair can take months! YEARS even! Acknowledging that lots of patience and constant care  will be involved in this process is the first step towards the end goal. But that's not what you are reading this for. In this blog, we have broken down our advice  into concrete, sizeable steps that you can take to achieve the ultimate long hair goal! Continue reading →
  10. Winter Hair Hydration

    Winter Hair Hydration

    Winter is not only brutal on your skin, but it can also dry out your hair Do you ever notice a change in the texture of you hair during the colder weather? Well the change in temperature and colder season can definitely dry out the hair causing static and frizz. The hair can also become more delicate and fragile, breaking a lot more easily. Today we'll be sharing tips and tricks to help you protect your hair from the cold winter weather! Image result for frizzy winter hair gif During the season we also tend to use more heat on our hair, which obviously doesn't help out our hair health. Using hot tools such as blow dryers, flatirons or curlers dries out the hair and can create split ends. That's why it is so important to use hydrating products during the Winter months. Continue reading →

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