What is the best blow dryer in 2019? We've got the answer.The GAMA IQ is changing the hair care game.

Welcome to the Evolution

"Nothing is lighter and more powerful than the wind. Something so powerful, it can move windmills and cities. That is the same energy you are going to find on the new iQ Perfetto hair dryer, made to transform the energy of the wind in your own energy. iQ is the synthesis. The lightness and the power,all in one element"

GAMA Professional is an Italian company that specializes in hair tools and products. They will soon be publically launching their revolutionary GAMA IQ hair dryer, the dryer everyone will be dying to get their hands on.

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GAMA Professional makes the impossible, possible with a revolutionary design.

"The world’s lighter and more performing hairdryer. Ultra-light, compact, minimalist, technological, disruptive. Perfect balance between a sophisticated, ergonomic and modern design and the best professional performance"

"iQ brings the best quality plus italian design."

Why is the Dyson hairdryer so good?

It might be; but the GAMA IQ is better.

The GAMA IQ is one of the first dryers to directly compete against the Dyson hair dryer.

Not only is the GAMA IQ stylish and sleek but its features are also incredibly innovative. The perfect combination of Tech and Trend; creating a balance like never before, a balance that even the Dyson hairdryer can't replicate.

Think were bluffing? Just keep on reading and it'll speak for itself.

What are features of the GAMA IQ?

1. The lightest hair dryer on the market

Ultra-Light & Perfectly Balanced

"Remarkably light, with no performance or lifetime loss and minimum noise level"

The GAMA IQ drys hair 30% faster than conventional hair dryers while weighing almost half the size at 294 grams.

This is a great feature for styling professionals who use styling tools all day; arm pain and hair dryers will no longer be correlated.

Hear it for yourself from styling professional Demo Pedulla in the video below.

2. What is the best hair dryer for travel?

Hair tools are an investment, they don't tend to come at an inexpensive price. When you don't invest in good hair products; not only do they break down easier but can also cause major hair damage.

Most of us can't afford to splurge on a variety of hot tools in anticipation of different needs we might have.

This is why it is important to invest in a product that will last and that can be easily transitioned to accomodate more than one need, like travelling.

I don't know about you, but I really do not enjoy using the weak blow dryers available in hotel rooms. Travelling with your own hair dryer will never be easier because the GAMA IQ is super compact.

The air outlet has a diameter of 46 mm, a width of 193.5 mm and height of 166.8 mm making it easy to pack up into your suitcase or carry-on.

If your luggage gets lost, you might not have many of your clothes but at least your hair will be flawless.

3. What happens if my hair dryer breaks down?

Ever wanted to be able to predict the future? Will this is as close as it gets.

This hairdryer has a Auto-Diagnosis System that detects a potential problem before it happens with the use of LED technology and its digital interface.

Picture of GA.MA IQ dryer with diffuser piece attached

4. At what temperature should you dry your hair?

If you have thin hair, you should blow dry your hair on the dryers lower heat settings. Those with thicker hair should dry their hair at a medium heat setting. Blow drying your hair at maximum heat can cause drying leading to breakage and split ends.

What if your hair dryer could remember exactly how you like to have your hair dried?

The GAMA IQ has 18 possible configurations to choose from and has the ability to remember your chosen settings.

It was created with a memorization system that allows you to program your preferred speed and temperature with the help of its LED display.

Button settings and features on GA.MA IQ dryer I

5. Does blow drying your hair cause damage?

Blow drying your hair does cause damage if not done properly. The majority of hair dryers do not have a variety of settings that allow you to adjust to a safe but effective temperature depending on hair type.

The GAMA IQ has 12 possible configurations including a cool shot that enhances shine.

It also uses Oxi-Active Technology, which emits active oxygen that acts as a powerful antibacterial. This technology also helps to improve color fixation a.k.a "color lock in effect" by eliminating any free radicals.

6. What is the best way to clean your hair dryer?

When it cleans itself of course.

For all of you with busy, busy schedules or lazy habits, the IQ has a self-clean feature.

Yes you heard right, it has auto-clean.

The motor's turbine spins in the opposite direction which allows the dryer to thoroughly clean its filter.

Interior of GA.MA IQ dryer

7. Hair Dryer Accessories

The dryer was also designed with special accessories that are perfect to use for styling different types of hair; thanks to its ultra slim concentrator nozzles and diffuser.

8. The most compact hair dryer with the greatest power

Good things do come in small packages.

Last but not least, it is 7 times more powerful than a traditional hair dryer with a motor speed of 110 000 RPM.

The dryer contains a special air outlet designed to multiply the airflow
dispensed by the motor via a vacuum effect, without using any extra power.

The GAMA IQ speaks for itself, it's truly every hair enthusiasts dream.

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