We've got some exciting news to share with you all!

As most of you may know, throughout our history of online distribution we've been working with international brands, such as Spain's Lakme, Netherland's Barberstation and UK's Kerastraight.

Today marks an important milestone in our business, so we thought we'd let our readers in on our current transformation!

How did Beauty Route came to be?

BeautyRoute.com began as a curated site of professional hair and beauty products made available to stylists and consumers alike. Its emergence can be attributed to a lack prior in the market for specialized, quality products that tended to different hair types and textures.

From early on, we noticed the marked presence of products that succumbed to the catch-all marketing label "for all hair types".  We saw a lack of understanding and general dismissal for diversification.  As a result, we sought out to provide for this ignored customer segment.

Our Core Purpose

At Beauty Route, we recognize the diversity of people and acknowledge the pluralism in hair needs and care.

Ultimately,  our number one priority is to give the best customer experience. This means we're constantly learning about our consumer base so we can better address their specific needs.


Expansion has always been the next foreseeable step in our goal to better serve our customers. After waiting for the right opportunity to expand Beauty Route, we're pleased to finally announce our recent partnership with HTrends!

For those of you who may not have known, HTrends is an Italian hairstyle magazine. It's a bilingual publication, written in both Italian and English, available both as a digital copy and in print form. The magazine's primary objective is to serve as a venue for showcasing the best of art and fashion in  hairstyling that Italy can offer.

What's to come...

Our partnership with the company means we'll be bringing into Canada Italian trends and beauty. This is especially exciting since our brand will be at speed with European fashion. We will also be introducing some of their products into our inventory soon, so that should be something to look out for! Can you imagine? A sight of Italy right here in Canada!

Current brands

We currently have 63 brands... and counting!

Some of our best selling brands include Lakme, Hair Treats, Y.S. Park, and Salon Club.

#1 Best-seller: Lakme!

Originally from Spain, Lakme has an extensive line of products and is performing successfully across Europe. Noteworthy items are the leave-in conditioner and the fortifying repair mask.

Lakme's top 2 products:

Lak- 2 Rinse Free Conditioner

Get yours here.

K. Therapy Active Fortifying Mask

Get yours here.

#2 Best- Seller: Hair Treats!

Hair Treats is a line of hair extensions that solely focuses on 100% real remi hair from India. It offers several application methods, including nanosphere, microsphere, clip-ins and sticky. There are also a variety of colors and sizes available, so you won't run out of ideas to play with your hair.

Microsphere Sleek 'n' Straight

Get yours here.

#3 Best- seller: Salon Club!

As for Salon Club, it is popularly being used at hairdressing schools and salons that offer education. Generally, the items are at a very low price point and intended for disposable use. This line also offers an extensive selection in products, from mixing bowls to cutting shears to combs. Everything that a stylist could possibly need, you will find it here!


Stay tuned for the changes that are on the way!

We are very happy about the current transformation we are going through and we could not be more delighted to be having you guys along with us on this ride!

Till next time,