Big, voluminous curls is a timeless trend that we all can appreciate. Unfortunately, curling your hair can take a chunk out of your day, and let’s be real… nobody has time for that in the morning.

Kaushal Beauty’s video is saving lives by teaching us how to curl your hair in just 5 minutes.



Starting with straight hair, apply a heat protectant all over. Grab a hair tie and form a ponytail on the very top of your head.

Split the hair into 2 sections and then clip away one of the sections so it’s easier to work with.


Grabbing 1 inch sections of hair, use a curling wand to wrap the sections around it until the heat passes through the hair. Once the hair is heated up, remove it from the curling wand and form a circle with the hair and pin it down on top of the head with bobby pins or clips. This will allow the curls to set as they cool. Continue to do this to the remainder of the hair.


Wait until the curls are cool (about 5-10 minutes) and then hairspray them to lock in your look. Begin removing the clips and once they are all removed, you can go ahead and slide the elastic out of your hair.


Using your fingers, play with your hair until you’ve molded it into the desired shape. At this point, you can add hair oil to give your hair an extra shine or you can add more hairspray to make sure the look is completely set. If necessary, you can do additional touch ups and recurl any pieces over again with your curling wand.


VOILA! Curls in 5 minutes! This is a game changer for all of us lazy girls out there, and it’s super easy to do!


Let me know if you try this look and what you think!




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