Tomorrow is a very special day:

Tomorrow is national best friend day in the US, but who needs a special day to celebrate your best friend?

Everyday you should be celebrating your sister (brother) from another mother, your soulmate, your guardian angel, your other half…

Best Friends holding hands gif

If you are only learning about this special day now and have not planned anything, here is a list of what you could and should do with her/him!

Basically, now is the time to do at least one thing that you always said you would do together but you never actually did. Just go crazy and most importantly have fun and love each other!!

two twins smiling to each other and dancing gif

Actually "show" the world your love:

If you want to go for a bold move, you could have a matching hair dye. For example you could dye your hair the same color, have the same highlight or even dye your hair a crazy color together.

If you like the idea of the matching hair, you can go for a matching hair style such as matching braids or matching barrettes.

If you want to be even bolder, you can have a matching tattoo about something that matters to both of you. It could be about a memory you both cherish, like your first girl trip or something about your childhood.

two best friends gif - Harrison is my best friend. Harrison, would you agree? We have matching tattoos.

To celebrate this very special day, here is a list of all you should be doing with your bestie!

Celebration Time:

You should make this day memorable and host a ceremony or a party!

You should have a slideshow of all your best memories together and/or a have a little speech about how much you love each other.

actor receiving a trophy and saying gratitude

This could be followed by a lifelong best friend bucket list if you have not made one already! You could include points like: going on an unplanned road trip together, Having a spa date, going to festivals, making an igloo, going skiing in the Alpes together, hosting a party, having a sleepover date, cooking a banquet…

Spongebob reading an extra long list gif

You could also make a summer best friend bucket list with all the fun activities you spent all winter dreaming about! Now is the time to realize these activities! For example, going to a beach day, going to all the museums you always wanted to go but never had time to, go an entertainment park, go to festivals, discover new “quartiers” in your city…

Pajama Day:

After, you could have a good old time’s pajama party: so prepare the popcorn, your best movies from your childhood, your most comfy PJs, and of course Vinoooo!!

boy rising and singing and dancing

Spa Day:

If you feel like grown-ups, you could also have a good old spa day: at an actual spa or the homemade version. Hair mask, face masks, listen to some calm music, get a mani-pedi, and all the shenanigans...

Head massage girl gif

Adventurous Day:

If you are adventurous, take advantage of the weekend and go for a road trip. Hop in the car and drive, baby, drive!

four friends driving in a car gif

Cultural Day:

If you feel arty, or if both of you feel like you are lacking your vitamin C(ulture). You should have a museum day: you should go to as much museums as possible in one day.

illusion effect - girl in a mirror over an over  gif

If you feel particularly hungry that day, you should have a cook day. You decide of the intensity of the cook day. It can be time to cook THE dish you always dreamed of cooking or your all time favorite. You can have a comfort food cook day or have a banquet kind of cook day. 

What to do in Ottawa:

I made some research for you of what fun activities you should be doing in Ottawa this weekend:

  • The Rideau Canal cruise would be the perfect activity for this upcoming weekend, as it is forecasted to be such a beautiful weekend!
  • If you are more of the sporty type of person, you should go to yoga session on parliament hill.
  • If you are passionate about movies, you should go to the outdoor movies at the Centertown outdoor film festival.
  • Finally, if you want to party, you should go for a fun terrace party in downtown Ottawa.


Beatrice ;)