After a long busy week and on this cloudy Friday we are all excited for the weekend to start, but some are more than others... Now you are wondering who can be more excited than YOU !  Well... Mothers are !!!

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Oh no, crap...  You are now realizing that you completely forgot that Mother's Day was THIS Sunday (May 12th)... You thought you still had at least a good two weeks to prepare this event.

Your already sky-high stress level just increased from the stratosphere to the thermosphere as you cannot think of a single present idea of what you could offer.

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This is the moment where I come on scene, I have planned THE perfect day for  a PERFECT mother's day.

Everyday, since literally your very first day on earth your mother makes you feel special, now it is time to make HER feel extra special.

The Cosy Mom:

If your mother is the "Cosy" type here are some ideas:

  • Mother-Daughter Spa Day:

When I think of a spa day, I obviously implies all kind of intensive self-care.  This day will be featuring the typical hair masks, face masks, body scrubs,  and nail polishes. As a long time professional Spa Dayer, I will recommend you my all-time favorites. Please  note that this list took me years to perfectionate.

For the hair mask I would personally recommend the Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator for Dry and Damaged Hair. This profoundly nourishing treatment is perfect for extremely damaged and dry hair. This product instantly hydrates your hair, you can see a real difference in one or two use only.

For the face masks, if I am more looking for a calming mask, I usually go for the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Face Mask from Kiehls. It instantly hydrates my face and gives a rested, revitalized and healthy look to my skin.

For the Body Scrubs, my go to are definitely BeanBody's Body Scrubs. These scrubs have the most divine smell and its biological ingredients have the best properties. The caffeine they contain will stimulate your face and body's blood flow, the Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate and smoothen your skin and will remove the imperfections. Finally, the Coconut oil it contains will hydrate and moisturize your skin and the Cocoa and Vitamin E it contains which nourish and protect your skin.

Lucky you and lucky mom, the Mandarin BeanBody's Scrub is -25% off if you use the promotional code : ILOVEMOM.

For the nail polish, I always use the OPI collection. They have the best quality and such a large range of colors.

  • A Chill Movie Night:

This plan can be following the previous spa day activity or can be experienced on it's own. For this activity, you would need  good wine, your mom's favorite takeout food and lots of movies. I would pick at least two of your mother's favorite movies OR movies she has always dreamed of watching but never did.

  • A Brunch kind of day:

This is my traditional mother's day. Every year we go brunchin' at my mom's favorite brunch place and my siblings and I show her the L.O.V.E. Bringing your mom for a nice brunch is definitely a safe bet and will for sure make her smile.

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The Artistic Mother:

If your mother is the Artistic type, I would suggest you to bring her to see the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa (May 10th-20th). Once again it's a safe bet, who doesn't like flowers !!!

Ottawa tulips

The Adventurous Mom:

I made a list of some fun and weird activities that you could do with your mother on her special day. You will make the best memories and have a blast !

  1. Goat Yoga

  2. Ceramic and cups painting in a coffee shop

  3. Cooking class

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The Presents:

If you just are looking for a present rather than an activity, you are at the right place:

  •  The usual flowers is always a good idea if you are still not inspired, it is always appreciated and it makes the house smell like a garden.

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Another idea is the homemade present (remember when you said you were missing the time you were in elementary school, well here you go!) :

  • You can prepare a Joy-Jar  as I call it. It is a jar filled with a bunch of nice messages, quotes, whatever makes your mother smile. The purpose: when your mother feels down, she opens the Joy-Jar and picks a nice message.  My advice would be to either prepare one for everyday of the year if you are super determined or to prepare around 2 or 3 messages per week.

These are good ones. These are good markers. Girl buying markers gif

  • Something else that you could do is prepare a Memory Book with nice memories from your childhood or moments when your mom was here for you. It will make her feel like a superhero (and heck yeah she is a hell of a superwoman.)

Well, let's not forget that Mother's Day is a praise of your mother, make her feel loved, adored, tell her that you would never have achieved all that you did without her support.


Happy Mother's Day ;)