Big Heart Long Comb

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190mm comb ideal for long cuts and thick hair with rounded teeth tips that are very gentle on the scalp

  • The wider spacing between the teeth is perfect when doing a tough cut.
  • The teeth of the comb are round and large, so that the tension is reduced.
  • The lightweight of the comb and ridges on the back provide a firm grip and comfort for long use.
  • The top tooth is shortened to make parting the hair easier.
  • Holes are placed at intervals of 1cm to use as a measuring instrument.
  • Made of a super-plastic ""Imido"" which will prevent chemical services from penetrating and damaging the comb.
  • Ys Park uses an extremely durable plastic which will not melt or damage due to high heat or friction.
  • Texturized plastic gives a natural soft touch similar to the feeling of natural leather.
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