Baby Bundle With Hooded Towel


A 5-piece basket specially for babies, featuring Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Baby Nourishing Body Lotion, Soothing Balm, Embroidered Hooded Towel and Boo Boo Pack. It is beautifully packaged in an adorable woven, green basket with an embroidered cloth insert.

Shampoo & Body Wash8 oz

  • Mild, tear-free, all in one formula gently cleans and nourishes baby's hair and skin.
  • Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, moisturize and protect.
  • Delicate enough for the most sensitive skin.
  • Makes bath time quick, easy and fun.

Nourishing Body Lotion6 oz

  • Gentle moisturizer for face and body rich in Aloe, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, heals and protects.
  • Easily absorbs leaving skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Perfect for a relaxing bedtime routine.

Soothing Balm 0.45 oz

  • Perfect for chapped lips, cheeks, and dry patches. 
  • This lightweight balm is formulated with Beeswax and Jojoba to moisturize and nourish. Avocado Oil and Evening Primrose soothe and protect against summer and winter skin conditions.

Embroidered Hooded Towel:

  • 100% cotton embroidered hooded towel, perfectly suited for babies.

Bye Bye Boo Boo:

  •  A soothing cold pack for use on Boo Boos, Bumps, Bruises and Insect Bites.
  • Apply Bye Bye Boo Boo for several minutes to ease discomfort.

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